Dave can help you with:

  • Booking a band

  • Event Planning

  • DJs

    The perfect DJ will raise the entertainment value up a notch. Dave's extensive network of entertainers and musicians allows him connections with a variety of personalities. Gear Connexion has vetted every group and individual. Dave's familiar with the style of the talent he's booking. You won't be disappointed.
  • Talent Representation and Consulting

    Are you an artist who would rather entertain than set up the gig? It's  called Gear Connexion for a reason! Oftentimes, Dave can negotiate a better deal for you than you can. Concentrate on what you do best. Dave will focus on what he does best.
  • Venue Selection

    Wouldn't it be great to let someone else make these arrangements for you? Someone who's been to all these venues and knows the idiosyncrasies, benefits and downsides to each location? That's Gear Connexion. Dave knows the people who manage the venues and can pull off arrangements that you aren't able to.  See the graphic on the right that says "Contact and Booking Inquiries?" Click on it. You'll get great service.

Rain at Wheatland Jam

David Gear
Gear Connexion's CEO
(Chief Entertainment Officer)


David Gear, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Gear Connexion, LLC


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