Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a Beatles Tribute band, concentrating on a detail approach to the vocal harmonies and instrumentation, out of respect for the world's greatest band. It's the latest project of Jim Krsnich, Joe Sauer, Britt Fulmer, and Britt's brother Bobby Fulmer, rumored to actually be Britt's son.

Deja Vu selects Beatles songs that best suit a dance party, while sneaking in as many "not often played" numbers as possible.To fulfill the needs of many dance parties, Deja Vu also offers a wide range of "non-Beatles" standard, classic rock tunes....and will tailor its sets to suit the desires of its clients. 

Bottom line, Deja Vu has more than 75 years of music experience, with a good understanding of what it takes to make a party rock and a healthy respect for the Beatles and other bands' work....they'll make your party or event rock!

David Gear
Gear Connexion's CEO
(Chief Entertainment Officer)


David Gear, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Gear Connexion, LLC


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