Victor Rose

An accomplished guitarist, Victor Rose is author of "The Mandalic Guitar Encyclopedia." His first  CD, “Songs for Meditation,” includes four 10-minute songs with guitar, digital sampling and sounds selected in consultation with a clinical hypnotist, all designed to promote relaxation and meditation. His second CD, “Solo Flamenco Guitar” includes original arrangements of traditional Flamenco forms and some original Nuevo Flamenco pieces. A third CD entitled “Sacred Christmas” is a collection of sacred Christmas carols arranged by Victor using traditional Flamenco techniques.  

In addition to his solo work, Victor plays with two Latin music style groups, Samba Groove and Tangoesque. He plays in a fusion rock group called Nimbodog with his son Levi Rose. The band is called Nimbodog. Victor also plays dhoumbec with a local Arabic group and local dancers.

Victor holds a Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from Wichita State University and teaches for Butler County Community College.

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