Bruce Huss

"Who is that guy?"

The first thing people say when they hear Bruce's music is: "Boy, can that guy play guitar." His two CDs are filled to the brim with meaty instrumentals and clever, feel-good and heart tugging songs, wrapped in his fresh, Kansas perspective.

His song,“Acoustical Romance” won a songwriting award at the Walnut Valley Music Festival in Winfield, and"My Father's Son", was a winner at the 2007 PrairieFest Music Festival. He's also been featured on the FolkAlley Alleycast, a podcast showcasing performers around the world.

His live shows are hard to categorize. He comfortably slides from folk to pop-rock, from blues to new-age, and from a classical sounding piece, to “almost country” and back again.

His first CD, View From the Top, and now his new CD, Patience, are all original and all impressive, especially for anyone who appreciates a good guitarist. Here are a few reviews:


“Acoustic guitar master Bruce Huss returns…" "...stunning, imaginative and unique"-Wichita City Paper

"Got New Shoes hoots and hollers with speed and flare."

“Joscelyn’s Wedding glides across the air with graceful accuracy and emotional intelligence.”

"Traces of masters past leak in--there's a nod or two to Leo Kotke and Stephen Stills in the opening titular cut and a dash of Pierre Bensusan and Micheal Hedges here and there--but Huss maintains his unique and singular voice throughout."

“When you listen to this CD, be ready to smile, tap your foot, and start thinking about how much music means to you.”

“Absolutely stunning. Sitting Ovation is probably my favorite track on the CD. I didn’t want this song to end.”

“…I knew he was good, but man, I wasn’t prepared for what my ears heard.”

"Patience has cool and soft, delicate moments, and a musical depth that sinks to the regions of your heart. It is brilliant." -Reactor Media

--KS Acoustic Arts Assoc.
View From the Top
“Talents such as Bruce Huss don't just fall from walnut trees, and View From The Top finds the guitarist/vocalist in fine form…”.

“...the instrumental compositions here couldn't shine brighter or seep deeper into your soul — in fact Mahogany and Scruffbucket will leave you as breathless on the fifteenth listen as on the first.”

“With cover art taken from a Colorado Mt. Top, he must have picked up some lightning in his fingers on the way up.”--KS Acoustic Arts Assoc.

-F5 Magazine

His name will sound familiar to the locals. That's because he worked 13 years as an award winning news reporter/photographer at Wichita’s KSNW TV, where he crafted over 1,000 feature stories in a special segment called “Huss & Company.”

“I think writing a good news story is much like writing a good song, except the news had to be factual, and I can lie as much as I want to in a song,” joked Bruce.

You’ll hear a good number of guitar instrumentals in his shows, and while many are original, he’ll also throw in pieces by Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Kirtley, Stephen Bennett, Chet Atkins and Martin Taylor…sacred names in the acoustic guitar world.

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