The Boomers

The Boomers are a three-piece band playing rock and roll music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as well as contemporary country, blues and classic ballads. 

L. D. Mingle has played in a wide variety of bands and types of music, but has come back to his first love: good 'ol classic rock and roll. He plays a Stratocaster, a Telecaster and a Les Paul Special as well as a Roland GR30 guitar synth to round out the big sound of the Boomers. Besides the Boomers he plays with the River City Jam and one of the Ascension Lutheran praise bands.

After years of gigging up and down the East Coast Tom ("Just Tom") relocated to Wichita as part of the witless protection program. Tom has sung, played bass, guitar and keyboards for Wichita bands Chaser, The Smith Bros, Full House, The Powerglides and Code Blue. He is also a member of River City Jam, Cool Blue and the Swinging Dead Monkeys. Tom plays Lace Helix and Michael Kelly basses and sings with the Boomers.

Joni Mingle started playing with her dad at home in a family jam night at about 8. She was not allowed play drums in school so she chose the tuba! After she got out of school she got herself a drum set and started taking lessons. She would like to thank Steve for the lessons and for introducing her to the most wonderful man her husband L.D.! Joni has played in local bands for the last 25 years and enjoys almost all types of music. She drums on a standard five-piece Tama Swingstar drum set with Paiste and Zildjan cymbals. Besides the Boomers she plays in one of the Ascension Lutheran praise bands.


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