Trevor Stewart

Trevor Stewart’s compositions and style have peaceful qualities yet have a dynamic and passionate feel. At performances he’ll also play classical, jazz, standards, pop and world-style funk.  He plays an instrument called the Chapman Stick (R). The Stick is a unique musical instrument consisting of a long fretboard with twelve strings spanning a bass and guitar range. Sound is produced when the strings are "tapped" against the frets by the fingers. An electronic pickup is used to amplify the sounds. This technique allows him to use both hands in order to play multiple parts like a piano while having the direct fingers-to-strings control and feel similar to a guitar. The model of Stick that Trevor plays uses a MIDI pickup on the upper strings which can trigger a synthesizer while simultaneously playing the natural sound of the Stick. 

Trevor Stewart has been playing the Chapman Stick since October of 1998 after finding it online while researching a guitar he had just purchased.  Upon its arrival it was the only Stick in Kansas for a number of years. Previous study on the guitar, piano and viola led to a quick adaptation on the Stick.

Music from Trevor’s CD ''Love/Fire/Serenity'' was used as the soundtrack for the regional public television documentary "Flint Hills: Meditations from a Kansas Prairie". Check Trevor out at

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