Uche and the Crash

Uche - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Scott Allan Knost - Lead Guitar
Derek Tucker - Bass
Justin DeFever - Drums

Coming from an international background, Uche the singer/songwriter has created a band out of his passion for music and life. The music may sound simple, but there is nothing typical about the way this group integrates pop, rock, soul and roots music. The love for what Uche and the Crash do is evident in the energy they exude in every song; it's no wonder they're getting all the attention in the Midwest. The songs ring familiar, but different, like radio hits from the past but anchored by a big voice, and that's why they stand out.

The band Uche and the Crash is not trying to re-invent the wheel-- it's just trying to preserve what's great in this world, and that's good music. Creatively, its influences run parallel to bands like Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Dave Matthews Band, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, but it also conveys that raw heartfelt emotion like classic rock bands of the past such as Journey, Foreigner and The Steve Miller Band.

Emily Strom

Emily Strom was raised in a musical family, learning to sing and play piano from a young age. Classically trained as a young child, Emily switched over to jazz upon entering college. From jazz bands to a folk rock duet to the all-encompassing cover band, Annie Up, Emily has explored many different genres of music.

Emily considers one of her greatest creative outputs to date to be composing a piece for and conducting the Wichita State University Jazz Arts big band at the Wichita Jazz Festival. Within the same year, Emily won the talent preliminary, taking both the Margene Savage Memorial Top Vocalist Award and the Debra Dene Barnes Outsanding Instrumentalist Scholarship at Miss Kansas, singing and playing jazz piano. After spending a year traveling the state and country as Miss Kansas 2008, Emily went back to WSU, graduating with a jazz piano degree.

Upon graduating, Emily took a couple years to explore a television career but decided music was where her heart had been all along. She is currently pursuing a career as a full-time musician, releasing her debut album, Waltz in the Dark, comprised of original songs. She leads two bands, the Emily Strom Trio, an original jazz band, and Emily Strom & The Ladybyrds, an all-girls cover band. She also plays solo shows and shows with guitarists upon request.

Trevor Stewart

Trevor Stewart’s compositions and style have peaceful qualities yet have a dynamic and passionate feel. At performances he’ll also play classical, jazz, standards, pop and world-style funk.  He plays an instrument called the Chapman Stick (R). The Stick is a unique musical instrument consisting of a long fretboard with twelve strings spanning a bass and guitar range. Sound is produced when the strings are "tapped" against the frets by the fingers. An electronic pickup is used to amplify the sounds. This technique allows him to use both hands in order to play multiple parts like a piano while having the direct fingers-to-strings control and feel similar to a guitar. The model of Stick that Trevor plays uses a MIDI pickup on the upper strings which can trigger a synthesizer while simultaneously playing the natural sound of the Stick. 

Trevor Stewart has been playing the Chapman Stick since October of 1998 after finding it online while researching a guitar he had just purchased.  Upon its arrival it was the only Stick in Kansas for a number of years. Previous study on the guitar, piano and viola led to a quick adaptation on the Stick.

Music from Trevor’s CD ''Love/Fire/Serenity'' was used as the soundtrack for the regional public television documentary "Flint Hills: Meditations from a Kansas Prairie". Check Trevor out at www.TrevorStewartMusic.com.

The Red Tailed Hawks

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