Craig Owens and The Bodo Ensemble

Craig Owens & Bodo at Fisch Haus from digitalBRAND Communications on Vimeo.


Craig Owens and The Bodo Ensemble.....Progressive, intriguing, passionate, weird, post-modernistic, charismatic, funny, NPR meets Howdy-Doody, John Tesh meets Lord of the Rings... Yes, we're a band, no, we don't have a glockenspiel. Yes, we are from Kansas, no, we don't travel in covered wagons. Yes, we are near Dodge City Kansas, no, Matt Dillon and Festus are not still in office. Yes, we have heard of jazz, no, we do not have to huddle in a barn outside of town to listen to it. Yes, we have computers, no, we no longer feel that computers are the devil in a box. Who are we? We are The Bodo Ensemble.....that should speak for itself.

David Gear
Gear Connexion's CEO
(Chief Entertainment Officer)


David Gear, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
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