David Holland Band

David Holland - (Lead Vocals, Vocals, Fiddle, Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Chief Instigator)
Perry Overstake - (Bass guitar, Vocals)
Mike Waters - (Vocals, Guitar)
Todd McCutcheon - (Drums, Vocals)

"Fearless Country" is the way the Wichita band scene describes the repertoire of The David Holland Band. While almost everything pops up sooner or later as the band members bring lots of different styles to the table (and are certainly not afraid to try new and different things!), but the music is predominately grass roots country. The show is energized and audience-oriented with careful song selection and witty banter. Dave and the boys love to interact with the crowd and take advantage of wireless capabilities to bring their instruments out among the crowd and really involve the fans.

These guys just like to have fun and love to play music... primarily country music with some good classic rock thrown in for good measure. If having fun is infectious... then get ready to have some, because these guys are highly contagious. Rapidly becoming known as the most "dance-able" band in the area,The David Holland Band offers everything needed for a great time while attending their performances. HERE COMES THE FUN!

David Gear
Gear Connexion's CEO
(Chief Entertainment Officer)


David Gear, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
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