Thane & The Swamp Thangs

Thane Powell – 10 button accordion, lead vocals
Krista Dahlinger-Miller – Guitar, vocals 
Mike Heineker – Drums, triangle, vocals 
Vic Judd – Bass 
Amber Klaver – Rubboard

If you know anything about S.W. Louisiana’s Creole, Zydeco, or Cajun style music, you know it’s about the party and dancing.  S.W Louisiana knows how to dance and party better than anybody and this is the music that fuels their happiness.  Thane & The Swamp Thangs have brought their true interpretation of the genre to Kansas with their hard-driving accordion two-steps, waltzes, and rock, with some Caribbean and blues influences thrown in to make sure you have happy feet.

During Thane’s first trip to S.W. Louisiana in April of 2005 he heard a 10-Button Accordion being rocked out by a 20 yr. old Terry Domingue & the Zydeco Bad Boys and it was at that moment, Thane’s passion for the hard driving raw sound began.  The common denominator between these genres is the 10-Button Accordion and Thane began immersing himself with sabbaticals to S.W. Louisiana to learn his craft from legends such as Jeffrey Broussard, Leroy Thomas and Steve Riley.

To create the Swamp Thangs, Thane surrounded himself with like-minded people that love this S.W. Louisiana music.  Krista Dahlinger - Rhythm Guitar provides a steady driving force to keep the Swamp Thangs headed in the right direction.  Vic Judd – Bass and Mike Heineker – Drums keep the bottom end driving to insure that your toes never stop dancing.  And last but not least, Amber Klaver – Rubboard, whos infectious energy and steady rhythm will eventually find you following her around the room in a Conga Line drenched in Mardi Gras beads.

Be ready to tap your feet, clap your hands, dance, smile, and be happy.

Eh toi!!    It’s a Mardi Gras party!!!

David Gear
Gear Connexion's CEO
(Chief Entertainment Officer)


David Gear, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
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